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Jeffrey Andriesse ’96 (CLAS) and Nicole Miezejeski ’95 (CLAS)

Jeffrey Andriesse ’96 (CLAS) was married to Nicole Miezejeski ’95 (CLAS) on April 21st in Lauderdale-By-the-Sea, Fla. While Jeff & Nicole were one year apart at UConn with the same major, they did not meet until matched completely randomly through an online dating service in August of 2015 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla, where Jeff works as a graphic designer and Nicole as a speech language pathologist.

Holly Wonneberger ’14 (CLAS) and Chris De Marchis ’13 (CLAS)

Holly Wonneberger ’14 (CLAS) and Chris De Marchis ’13 (CLAS), both English majors, got engaged at UConn on November 18, 2017. They will be getting married July 20, 2019. They met in the fall of 2011, when they were both enrolled in back-to-back English courses: Honors Medieval Literature and Intro to Literary Theory. They were close friends through the rest of their time at UConn, including taking Gina Barreca’s Advanced Creative Writing seminar together.

After graduating in 2013, Chris took a graduate publishing course at Columbia University’s School of Journalism and started a career in publishing at Rodale Books in New York City. After Holly graduated in 2014, they started dating, but Holly then moved to Washington, D.C. to start law school at Georgetown University. After three years of being in a long distance relationship, during which they each moved three times, and Chris went back to school to earn his Master’s in the Teaching of English from Columbia University’s Teachers College, they both moved back to Connecticut.

On November 18, 2017, after taking a walk around campus, including their old classrooms in CLAS (now the Austin building), Chris proposed to Holly on the quad of South Campus where Holly lived as a student, and Chris would walk her to after class.

Susan Kutia ’12 (ED), ’13 MA and Patrick Sawyer ’13 (CLAS)

After meeting and dating through their undergraduate years at UConn, Susan Kutia ’12 (ED), ’13 MA and Patrick Sawyer ’13 (CLAS) are engaged to be married August 4, 2018.

Jessica Pisano ‘12 (CLAS) and Chris Machado ‘12 (CLAS)

Jessica Pisano ‘12 (CLAS) and Chris Machado ‘12 (CLAS) married on July 6,2017 in N.J. surrounded by family, friends, and many lifelong huskies. Honeymooned In St. Lucia and building a home in South Jersey.

Erica (Mason) McQuade ’11 (CLAS) and Kevin McQuade ’11 (CLAS)

Erica (Mason) McQuade ’11 (CLAS) and Kevin McQuade ’11 (CLAS) were married September 16, 2017 in Washington, D.C. with their alumni-filled wedding party, friends, and family by their sides.

Shana (Morales) Shea ’10 (CLAS) and Kenneth Shea ’12 (CLAS), ’15 JD

Shana (Morales) Shea ’10 (CLAS) and Kenneth Shea ’12 (CLAS), ’15 JD were married August 26, 2017 in Waterbury, Conn. Their officiant was Patrick Whalen ’11 (CLAS).

Lauren Bucknam ’10 (CLAS) and Conor Gereg

On July 15, 2017 Lauren Bucknam ’10 (CLAS) and Conor Gereg celebrated their wedding day with fellow UConn grads: Emily Demasi, Jenny Hall, Julie Maas, Matthew Santacroce, Kristin Geissler, Kimberly Gentile, Alyse Lofman, Lauren Kandel, Jasmine Van Wattum.

Cynthia Harakaly ’12 MA and Shane Gibson ’12 MS

Cynthia Harakaly ’12 MA and Shane Gibson ’12 MS were married April 14, 2017 in Sedona, Ariz. They met at UConn in 2011 and moved to Arizona in 2013. Cynthia is a high school counselor at Mingus Union High School and Shane is a professor of mathematics at Yavapai College.

Jessica (Lennon) Karolidis ’06 (CLAS) & Evangelos Karolidis ’05 (CAHNR)

Jessica (Lennon) Karolidis ’06 (CLAS) and Evangelos Karolidis ’05 (CAHNR) welcomed their first daughter Penelope Maria Karolidis on June 26, 2017. Jessica and Evangelos were married June 20, 2015.