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school of engineering alumni included in note

Courtney Clay ’98 (ENG)

Courtney Clay ’98 (ENG) is working in Paris, France with her company, Seppic. She moved with her 2 children to work as a Product Manager of natural skin care polymers for the cosmetic industry. She continues her career in the personal care industry.

Craig Yannes ’07 (ENG), ’09 MS and Angela (Marchetti) Yannes ’08 (CAHNR)

Craig Yannes ’07 (ENG), ’09 MS and Angela (Marchetti) Yannes ’08 (CAHNR) announce the birth of their son, Leo. Leonard John Yannes was born December 9, 2017. The family lives in Milford, Conn.

Elizabeth J. Podlaha-Murphy ’86 (ENG), ’89 MS

Elizabeth J. Podlaha-Murphy ’86 (ENG), ’89 MS is proud to announce her recent appointment as Chair of the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department at Clarkson University in Potsdam, N.Y.

Mary MacIlvain ’73 (CLAS), ’75 MS

Mary MacIlvain ’73 (CLAS), ’75 MS joins Hoffmann Architects, an architecture and engineering firm specializing in the rehabilitation of building exteriors, as Marketing Coordinator, based in the firm’s Hamden, Connecticut headquarters. With more than ten years’ experience marketing professional services, she excels at collaborating with technical and business development staff to develop proposal and qualification packages that address prospective client needs and demonstrate the firm’s capabilities in clear, concise terms. Her proficiency in a wide range of design and information management software programs, along with her capacity for supporting staff and clients in achieving successful project outcomes, enables MacIlvain to coordinate the efforts of a busy marketing and business development department. She lives in East Hampton, Connecticut.

Nicole Lavoie ’12 (ENG) and Jordan Smith ’12 (ENG)

Nicole Lavoie ’12 (ENG) and Jordan Smith ’12 (ENG) were married on June 4, 2017 in Bolton, Conn. surrounded by friends, family, and many fellow UConn alumni from 2007-2014.

Aimée Allaire ’98 (CLAS)

Aimée Allaire ’98 (CLAS) has recently surpassed the halfway mark of an intensive study on the importance of motherhood in the modern world. Her work has been indirectly sponsored by various Connecticut companies, including UTCPower and currently Bauer, Inc. in Bristol. She lives in Mystic with her husband, Keith Brainard ’98 (ENG) and their four children.

Roland Boucher ’54 (ENG)

Roland Boucher ’54 (ENG) is still an active private pilot (bought his first plane in ’52 as a sophomore) and a volunteer instructor at a local Engineering charter high school. One of his hobbies is the study of ancient civilizations and he recently published an article on the use of the pendulum in the creation of a number of measurement standards of the ancient world.

William Rice ’94 (ENG)

William Rice ’94 (ENG) has been appointed Assistant Executive Director for Schools and Curriculum at Area Cooperative Educational Services (ACES), a regional educational service center in New Haven, Conn. Before joining ACES, Mr. Rice was the Director of Mathematics for the Hartford Public Schools. He is certified in both Mathematics and Chemistry.