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note includes graduate from the 2000s

Eric King ’10 JD and Amber (Doucette) King ’07 (CLAS), ’10 JD

Eric King ’10 JD & his wife Amber (Doucette) King ’07 (CLAS), ’10 JD, welcomed their son, Noah Everest King, into the world on May 7, 2018.  The couple married in 2016, lives in West Hartford, CT and are both attorneys in the greater Hartford area.

Mara Reisman PhD ’06 (CLAS)

Mara Reisman PhD ’06 (CLAS) has published her book,  Fay Weldon, Feminism, and British Culture: Challenging Cultural and Literary Conventions. Mara graduated from UConn in 2006 with a PhD in English. Currently she is an Associate Professor in the English Department at Northern Arizona University.

Diego Cupolo ’06 (CLAS)

Diego Cupolo ’06 (CLAS), fomer Daily Campus News Editor, has been awarded honorable mention in The World Justice Project’s 2018 Anthony Lewis Prize for Exceptional Rule of Law Journalism for his reporting on Turkish politics since a failed coup attempt in 2016. Today he is a freelance multimedia journalist based in Ankara, Turkey.

Steve Gomez ’08 (CLAS)

Steve Gomez ’08 (CLAS) and his wife, Heather (Mobley), just celebrated their marriage at the Woodwinds in Brandford, CT. They currently live in Hamden, CT.

Justin Gomez ’07 (CLAS)

Justin Gomez ’07 (CLAS) and his wife, Leah (Portale), are celebrating their 1st wedding anniversary after getting married at The Sullivan House in Block Island, RI in July 2017. The couple just purchased their first home on the Milford, CT shoreline.

Tom Cragin ’06 (CLAS)

Tom Cragin ’06 (CLAS) recently joined NBCUniversal and working back at 30 Rockefeller Center in NYC in a new digital/media advertising sales role as of September 2018.

Tom Cragin ’06 (CLAS) and Stacy (Gomez) Cragin ’02 (CLAS)

Tom Cragin ’06 (CLAS) and his wife, Stacy (Gomez) Cragin ’02 (CLAS) just recently celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary after getting married at the Blithewold Mansion located in Bristol, RI in Setepmber 2017. The couple currently lives in Manhattan but regularly get back to their home states of Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Ryan Vaughan, ’06 BS ’08 PharmD (PHARM)

Ryan Vaughan, ’06 BS ’08 PharmD (PHARM) started the UC Berkeley Executive MBA program in summer 2018. It is the #4 ranked Executive MBA program in the world. Ryan’s career goal is to help modernize healthcare in the United States.

James O’Leary ’04 (BGS)

James O’Leary ’04 (BGS) retired as a Police Detective from Norwalk P.D. after thirty years of service. He began a career as a Special Education Teacher in Charlotte County FL.  James has now been appointed a Police Officer and is one of the founding members of the newly formed Sarasota County Schools Police Department.

Adam Raimondi ’04 (CLAS) and Lauren (Gemske) Raimondi ’08 MA (Neag)

Adam Raimondi ’04 (CLAS) and Lauren (Gemske) Raimondi ’08 MA (Neag) welcomed their son Benjamin Christopher on Valentine’s Day.