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note includes graduate from the 1960s

William Edward Smart, Jr. ’60 (CLAS)

William Edward Smart, Jr. of Amalgamated Housing Cooperative in The Bronx, and formerly of Amherst, Virginia, died Saturday, February 9 at Montefiore Hospital. Bill was a well-respected poet and essayist, noted professor of Creative Writing and English Literature at Sweet Briar College, long-time director of the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, and a founding member of Res Artis and Res Artis America, key advocates for artists colonies on an international and national basis.

James A Santoli ’65 (BUS)

James A Santoli ’65 (BUS) passed away peacefully in the comfort of his daughter’s home surrounded by his loving family. James was the manager of the UConn basketball team in 1964-1965.

Robert Charles Illi MBA ’68 (BUS)

Robert Charles Illi MBA ’68 (BUS) of Rochester/Pulteney, New York, passed away Friday, June 15, 2018 at the age of 76. Robert was a thirty plus year retiree of Eastman Kodak Company. He received his B.S. in 1963 from The University of Buffalo, SUNY, MBA in 1968 from University of Connecticut and a MATS in 2006 from Asbury Theological Seminary.

Jim Rodechko M.A. ’62, PhD ’67 (CLAS)

Jim Rodechko M.A. ’62, PhD ’67 (CLAS) retired from Wilkes University in 2002.  In his years at Wilkes he served as Professor of History, Dean of Arts and Sciences, and finally Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty.  Since then he has written and published two novels/mysteries.  The first, titled The Old Boys Club, appeared in 2014.  The second, titled The Ladies in Their Lives, appeared in 2017.  Both have received very favorable reviews.  He is currently working on a third novel which he expects to finish in the next few years.  Jim and his wife, Virginia, have been married 53 years and have two daughters and five grandchildren.  They live in Drums, Pennsylvania.

Mary Anne (Pfeiffer) Whalen ’65 (CLAS)

Mary Anne (Pfeiffer) Whalen ’65 (CLAS) died in Bakersfield, California on May 23, 2018. She is survived by her husband of 53 years, David J. Whalen Ph.D., her sister Kathie Pfeiffer, her children: Jerry Whalen of Springfield, Missouri and Kate Gill of Bakersfield, as well as their spouses Jennifer Whalen and Louis Gill.  She has six Grandchildren: Nolan, Anthony, Kiera, Bridget, Maille and Liam.

Dean F. Paul ’66 (CLAS)

Dean F. Paul ’66 (CLAS) has retired from the private practice of law and is living in Fort Worth, TX. His recent book, Second Thessalonians 2:1-12 Unlocked: The Key to the Timing of the Rapture, is an expositional study of one of the most important prophetic passages in the New Testament.

Lenny Carlson ’62 (ED), ’63 MS

Lenny Carlson ’62 (ED), ’63 MS has been named Professional Basketball Talent Scout for Interperformances, the premier Sports and Entertainment Agency in Europe.

Judy Strom ’66 (CLAS)

A son, Emory Joseph Strom, was born to Tammy Strom of Redding on Aug. 1 at Danbury Hospital. Grandparents are Rob and Judy Strom ’66 (CLAS). The baby also has an aunt, Jessica Strom, in Ridgefield, and an uncle, David Strom, and a cousin, Juliet Strom, both in Centerville, VA.

John F. Cawley ’56 MA, ’62 Ph.D

John F. Cawley ’56 MA, ’62 Ph.D passed away on February 9, 2018 leaving his wife, Louise, children and grandchildren. He received his MA and Ph.D from UConn and was on faculty as a Professor in Special Education and Grantsman and later a Professor Emeritus. It has been been said “his professional interests in curriculum and teaching caused special educators’ to focus, as it should be, on students learning ” and that his “ideas about learning and curriculum were highly innovative and accurate”. He authored numerous books on special education.