Roll of Honor


Honoring UConn’s Fallen

UConn alumni gifted the University with the Roll of Honor and the Ultimate Sacrifice Memorial as an homage to the fallen alumni who served our country. The memorial and the roll are an effort to let friends and family know that their loved ones will not be forgotten.

UConn’s Military History

In 1893, a dozen years after its founding, the Storrs Agricultural School became Connecticut’s land-grant college and the school took on the training of military cadets.

In 1898, following the declaration of war against Spain, four members of the graduating senior class headed from campus to camp. Among the four was Willis Nichols Hawley. On November 19, 1898, Hawley died of typhoid fever. He was the first graduate of the college to succumb to the hazards of war.

Following World War I, the Reserved Officer Training Corps, ROTC, was established on campus. During that war, nearly 500 students were trained in what was known as the Storrs Army Training Corps. Seven of them would fall in the “war to end all wars.”

The outbreak of World War II had the campus again on a military footing—by mid-1942, the Army Specialized Training, created through a petition to the U.S. Department of War, was the largest program of its kind in New England.

Through Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, Afghanistan and Iraq, University of Connecticut alumni have served their nation.

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