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UConn Foundation: Strengthening UConn One Relationship at a Time.


The UConn Alumni Association

The UConn Alumni Association—now the Office of Alumni Relations in the UConn Foundation—was founded in 1888 as the Storrs Agricultural School Alumni Association. Isaac B. Wakeman, class of 1885, served as its first president.

In 1988, in commemoration of the Association’s 100th birthday, current and former association presidents broke ground on the Alumni Center, located on Alumni Drive in Storrs. Association President Timothy J. Riordan later expanded on the Center in 2000.

In 1994, the Alumni Association increased participation in regional and chapter activities, ramping up grassroots lobbying in support of UConn 2000. The ’90s saw several additions to Association programming, including an alumni admissions program, increases in alumni chapters across the country, and partnerships with cultural centers.

This growth waned in the 21st century, as paid membership numbers plateaued at about five percent of the total alumni population. At the same time, costs for programming and maintaining the Alumni Center increased. In 2014, the University partnered with Association leadership to find a solution.

The UConn Foundation

The UConn Foundation, a separate nonprofit dedicated solely to raising and administering funds for the University of Connecticut, was created in 1962 after a proposition by President Homer Babbidge to Alumni Association President Carl Nielsen. Learn more about the UConn Foundation

Like the Alumni Association, the Foundation seeks to engage with alumni, donors, fans, and friends of UConn. The shared mission and opportunities to advance UConn in a more cost-effective way led to a merger of the two institutions—a growing trend at public institutions across the country. So in March 2015, the UConn Alumni Association Board of Directors voted to merge the Foundation and the Alumni Association in order to strengthen the University’s relationship with its many alumni. As a result, the dues-based membership model was abolished: Now, all UConn graduates are part of the UConn Alumni family.

The UConn Foundation continues to serve UConn Nation, providing ways to stay connected to the University you love—whether that’s attending an event, helping current students, or making a gift to a cause you’re passionate about. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store.

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