Letter from Dean MacNeil

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Dear Alumni,

June 30 will mark my last day as dean of the School, and I have to say it’s been a wonderful experience. The last twelve years really seem more like twelve months, which I’ll interpret as a good thing! We have accomplished a lot together since 2006, including particularly notable success in developing a new curriculum shared with our medical school to a new inter-campus department, a major national award and a $90 million renovation and construction project. While these are great achievements, I am most proud of another –  the re-establishment of an active alumni association that has revitalized alumni interest in and support for the School. Thank you, each and every one of you, for your part in this and the loyalty you have shown to me and the School over these years. The School is definitely poised for continued advancement in the future in large part because of you.

Many of you know that my favorite sport is hockey.  I can now confess that is why so many of our alumni sports outings involved an ice rink!  I’ve become a fan of our UConn Huskies who are still novice  participants in the best college hockey conference in the country, Hockey East.  Over the past several years, I’ve noticed some interesting things about this team. First, they seem totally at ease playing against schools with a much longer history in the game, some with four, or five or even more generations of alumni. It’s a team comprised of people of different backgrounds and interests, bonded tightly by one common experience.  My goodness, they even let Canadians on the team!  Each year, our Huskies are getting stronger, more cohesive, and proving that they’re ready for even greater success. This team reminds me a lot of our Alumni Association. We started out modestly surrounded by schools with much longer track records, but have grown each year under the steady leadership of our captains, first Bill Gagnon, then Mike D’Occhio, followed by Barry Rosenberg, Tris Carta and Joe Gargano. You have all played great supporting roles around them and we have raised some eyebrows with our spirit and drive.

I’m looking forward to playing a different role on our team – hopefully not relegated as a duster on the bench –  and I will continue to enjoy promoting our wonderful academic home.

All the best,

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Monty MacNeil
Dean, School of Dental Medicine

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