Dentists Together, Huskies Forever: Alumni Couple Give Back to School of Dental Medicine

, Dr. Jason Raney ’03, DMD and Dr. Nicole Cambria ’03, DMD

As classmates and soon after, a couple, Dr. Jason Raney ’03, DMD and Dr. Nicole Cambria ’03, DMD graduated from the same class at UConn’s School of Dental Medicine. Today, they share their lives and a passion for dentistry – together.

“My practice is located in a small town, so it gives me the opportunity to be involved and connected with the local community,” Raney said. “It is a rewarding experience to help people improve their overall health and self-confidence.”

Raney and Cambria both credit their success to the UConn School of Dental Medicine, including the strong medical science background of the curriculum, increased clinical opportunities in the third and fourth years, and smaller class sizes that enabled close relationships with fellow students. Cambria added that direct one-on-one interaction with faculty was invaluable.

“My favorite UConn memory is when Dr. Grasso, a UConn dental legend himself, gathered our exhausted class stressed with Board-prep and clinical test cases to explain, ‘These are the best times of your lives,’” she recalled. “We all scoffed at the time and could hardly imagine the truth in his words. He was right! I miss being surrounded by my best friends in that learning bubble with access to great minds, clinical talent, and research at our fingertips.”

Because of the many opportunities they’ve had as a result of their education, Raney and Cambria strongly believe in giving back to UConn.

“We are blessed to have a career that can provide us with a comfortable lifestyle so giving back and allowing future generations the same opportunities is appropriate,” Raney said. “All alumni should feel proud to be part of such a wonderful institution, and should contribute in whatever way possible to keep UConn among the leaders in the dental community.”

Cambria recently celebrated her ten-year anniversary as owner and clinician of her private practice, and with Raney, will be preparing for another milestone: their 15-year reunion on Saturday, September 29.

“Reunion is a fun chance to catch up with fellow alumni and connect with your professors socially, while meeting new alumni spanning the ages,” Cambria said. “It’s so special to view yourself as part of a legacy within our profession at the beautifully renovated UConn Health campus.”

Help keep UConn School of Dental Medicine among the leaders in the community.

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