From Student to Teacher: A UConn School of Medicine Journey

Dr. Anton Alerte, MD ’98
Dr. Anton Alerte, MD ’98

Dr. Anton Alerte, MD ’98 remembers interviewing with the UConn School of Medicine during a blizzard, when an Admissions staff member offered him a cup of coffee. The kindness and warmth of that simple exchange turned into a lifelong connection with UConn.
“It’s always been a positive experience,” Dr. Alerte said. “I think the fact that UConn had a small class meant we became a close-knit family.”

And as President-Elect of the School of Medicine Alumni Board, he’s looking forward to catching up with classmates at the Medical and Dental Alumni Reunion on September 29.

“Although I’m a little shocked that it’s been 20 years, I am exceedingly happy and looking forward to seeing people who have played such an important role in my life,” he said.

A successful pediatrician, Dr. Alerte is also Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Co-Director of the Clinical Suite Courses at UConn Health, coming full circle from student to teacher.

“I’m paying it forward to the next generation of medical professionals and paying it back to the people who spent a lot of time going over information one more time at the blackboard, just to make sure you understood it,” he said.

As a professor, Dr. Alerte sees firsthand the benefits of simulation education, including safety and educational impact. That’s why he’s asking for help with securing a sim child called Pediatric HAL for the School of Medicine. Currently, the School has SIM moms, babies, and adults, but the one gap is children.

“Pediatric HAL is a necessity to help physicians become much more capable and much more confident,” he said. “We’ll be able to use it in so many different capacities. I think it’s a win-win.”

He’s hoping that his UConn family will come through and make Pediatric HAL a reality.

“Not everyone went to UConn, and it’s something that we all share in common,” he said. “Sharing should be fostered and encouraged, so we can continue to be supportive of each other.”

Join Dr. Alerte during Reunion Weekend!

Help with Hal: support the purchase of a sim child for School of Medicine students.


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