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As we gear up for a new academic year, we want to know: What was your favorite class at UConn and why?

Lisa DenBleyker ’90 (CLAS)

It was senior year, and I was an English major. I will never forget my Chaucer class with David Benson. The class was actually held in a science lab. He took our pictures to help remember our names. One day at the end of the term, we went out in the quad area in front of the science building and played softball. He also made us memorize a passage from a Chaucer piece and recite it to him in his office. He taught us how to read Middle English. The following year, when I went on to graduate school and took another Chaucer class, I read Chaucer aloud better than my graduate professor!

Chrissy Wakefield ’13 ENG, ’16 MS

Microcontrollers! I was an engineering major, and my core courses were taken care of but I needed an elective to be a full-time student my last semester. So my friend and I took Microcontrollers, which was basically just a lab. We learned to program a microcontroller and hook it up to a power source to actually do things! For our final, we had to do a project in teams of two. We opted to make a Whack a Mole game with these large, red buttons in a foam poster board. It was awesome!

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