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photo of the UConn Faculty Excellence Award

On Friday, October 7, UConn recognized four faculty members for their integrity, accomplishments, and commitment to their students. The UConn Faculty Excellent Awards, awarded by the UConn Foundation Office of Alumni Relations, is a nomination-based recognition award that acknowledges the dedicated members of the UConn family.

photo of Debra A. Kendall, Ph.D.Debra A. Kendall, Ph.D.
School of Pharmacy
Faculty Excellence in Research and Creativity – Sciences

Kendall, a Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor, joined the School of Pharmacy faculty in 1989. Her research focuses on G protein-coupled receptors. These include the cannabinoid, which is the target of medical marijuana, as well as opioid receptors, the target of fentanyl and the basis of many overdoses. She aims to deepen our understanding of these receptors to help develop more specific therapeutics with fewer side effects.

photo of John E. Mathieu ’80, Ph.D.John E. Mathieu ’80, Ph.D.
School of Business
Faculty Excellence in Research and Creativity – Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

Mathieu, a Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor, joined the faculty at the School of Business in 1999. His primary areas of interest include models of team and multi-team effectiveness, leadership, training effectiveness, and cross-level models of organizational behavior. He is inspired by working with Ph.D. students to not only advance science, but to enhance the workplace for employees, customers, patients, and others.

photo of Eldridge S. Adams, Ph.D.Eldridge S. Adams, Ph.D.
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Faculty Excellence in Graduate Teaching

Adams joined the UConn faculty in 1997 and studies the behavior and population biology of highly social insects, especially invasive ants and termites. He enjoys field biology in the summer and data analysis in the winter and spends an inordinate amount of time in swamps and marshes. His teaching includes undergraduate courses on ecology, social insects, and scientific writing as well as graduate courses on population ecology, biostatistics, and teaching methods.

photo of Steven Zinn, Ph.D.Steven Zinn, Ph.D.
College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources
Faculty Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

Zinn who has been at UConn since 1990, is an endocrinologist and growth physiologist working with cattle, sheep and pigs. He studies the hormonal mechanisms involved in the growth and development of farm animals. Put in simple terms, he studies how small animals grow up to be big animals. He says the most inspiring part of his job is working with freshman students in FYE to help them to not only transition from high school, but to mature as they move from their freshman year through to graduation and beyond.

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