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Why Join?

More than 12,000 alumni currently enjoy the many benefits of being an Alumni Association, dues-paying member.

As a UConn alumni, you have an opportunity to stay closely connected with your alma mater. Joining the Alumni Association is a great way to maintain your long-standing relationship with the University and to show your continuing pride in the institution.

If you received a degree from the School of Agriculture, Business, Education, Engineering, Family Studies, and Nursing, you are automatically enrolled in their alumni society group as well. These schools have teamed up with the UConn Alumni Association to offer additional services and benefits specific to their particular schools. Your Alumni Association membership dues help support these programs.

The revenue we generate through this program also allows us to provide scholarships to deserving students, offer distinguished faculty and alumni awards and plan quality programs for alumni and students. It also gives us the ability to communicate with you more frequently and effectively as we strive to move UConn forward.

So if you are a member, thank you – but if you're not, take a look at the other added benefits of becoming a member and see what you're missing.