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The Roll

The Ultimate Sacrifice

In honor of our alumni who have fallen while serving in the armed forces of our nation. Draped in black velvet, The Roll of Honor hangs at the west end of the Alumni Center lobby.


Willis Hawley


Billings T. Avery, Jr.
George W. Bourn, Jr.
Harry L. Clinton
Charles A. Johnson
Fred G. Lyon
Arthur B. Stephenson
Richard A. Storrs


Walter J. Adams
Paul Agranovitch
Harold L. Baumstein
Ellis A. Beck
Paul K. Bidwell
Bradford P. Blake
Leslie Blakeslee
Francis Brighenti
Parmly C. Brown
Pierce Brundage
Roger P. Brundage
Howard M. Buchanan
Irving Burness
Howard Johnson Burr
Arthur E. Chatfield, Jr.
Eugene V. Chernoff
John W. Clark
Harry G. Clinton
Minor Cranston
Maurice F. Daly
Charles DeMaria
Sidney A. Edwards, Jr.
James A. Ferguson
Leon E. Forsyth
Harold Freckleton
Vincent P. Gambino
Herbert Gilman
Otto Goldstein
Edward W. Goodnow
Herman Gorky
Edward J. Gourd
William H. Greasley, Jr.
Ralph L. Greco
Kenneth Gregg
John Gulieta
Michael Habern
William C. Hall
Gordon S. Hart
Leon H. Height, Jr.
Henry Heldmann
Roderick W. Hetzel
Edward Hittleman
Hugh Hogan
William M. Hollis
Robert W. Hyde
Victor I. Kalander
Myron Katz
Francis J. Kelley
David M. Knell
Walter P. Lathrop
Robert W. Lattimer
Sigurd Lovdal
John S. Lukoski
Daniel J. Mahaney
Alonzo S. Marcil
Joseph Matloff
Clifford G. McCarthy
Harold W. McIntosh, Jr.
John Melack
Kenneth J. Mix
Alan R. Morehouse
Stanley B. Morrill
Roger Olmsted
Leonard W. Parker

Matthew L. Perry
Charles A. Rosenblatt
Joseph Schwartz
Austin P. Spencer
James Standish
Murray L. Steinman
Thomas Sutliffe
John C. Taylor
Robert T. Thayer
Vasco Tiziani
Robert D. Triggs
James V. Viola
Irving R. Werner
Roy A. West
Godfrey Westcott
John E. Winzler
Kenneth C. Wolston
John F. Zimmerman
Richard Zorn
George Zwicker


Paul Drotch
Edward Jeruss


John W. Alling
James A. Civillo
Patrick DeVivo
John M. Dunne
George A. Martain
Milton E. Nichols
Robert Rich
Peter B. Richardson
Luzon W. Richter, Jr.
Paul Shapiro
Richard W. Spencer
Paul M. Stavnitsky
Clarence M. Stone
Bernard S. Stromgren
Robert W. Wegner
David C. Wilson
John C. Zweygartt


Richard H. Chapin
Brian J. Cronin
Roger M. DeLuca
Robert G. Dodson
Robert K. Dwyer
Joseph D. Francolini
Joseph P. Holland
Irwin S. Lerner
James Warren Levens
Robert L. Lewis
Normand Manning
John V. Morascini
Peter G. Moriarty
Michael J. Noonan, Jr.
Pierce I. Robertson
Robert Rohinsky
Philipp R. Vollhardt
Glenn W. Whitcher


Cindy Beaudoin


Richard S. Eaton, Jr.
Jason Hammill
Keith Heidtman
Jordan C. Pierson


John A. Chapman

Willis N. Hawley, Class of 1898
Hometown: Hawleyville (Newtown), Connecticut
Died November 19, 1898 of typhoid fever at the Red Cross Hospital in Philadelphia

Billings T. Avery
Hometown: Norwich, Connecticut
Died Jun 18, 1918 from disease contracted in line of duty in France

George W. Bourn, Jr.
Died July 26, 1918, killed in action, in Chateau-Thierry, France

Harry L. Clinton
Died September 28, 1918, killed in action, in Meuse-Argonne, France

Charles A. Johnson
Died October 8, 1918, killed in action, in the Argonne Forest, France

Fred G. Lyon, Class of 1916
Died December 3, 1918, gassed in the Argonne Forest, in Allerey, France

Arthur B. Stephenson
Died September 10, 1918, killed in an airplane accident at Carruther's Field, Texas

Richard A. Storrs
Died November 13, 1918 from wounds in action, in Vertuzy, France

Walter J. Adams, Class of 1946

Paul Agronovitch, Class of 1944
Hometown: Norwich, Connecticut

Harold L. Baumstein, Class of 1944
Hometown: Hartford, Connecticut

Ellis A. Beck, Class of 1944
Hometown: Rocky Hill, Connecticut

Paul K. Bidwell, Class of 1930

Bradford P. Blake, Class of 1943
Hometown: Hamden, Connecticut

Leslie Blakeslee, Class of 1942

Francis Brighenti, Class of 1946
Hometown: Hartford, Connecticut

Parmly C. Brown, Class of 1940
Hometown: Bethel, Connecticut

Pierce Brundage, Class of 1939
Hometown: Storrs (Mansfield), Connecticut
Died April 10, 1942 in an airplane accident in South America

Roger P. Brundage, Class of 1943
Hometown: Storrs (Mansfield), Connecticut
Died November 11, 1944

Howard M. Buchanan
Hometown: Milford, Connecticut

(back row, left)

Irving Burness
Hometown: Hartford, Connecticut

Howard Johnson Burr, Class of 1945
Hometown: Sandy Hook (Newtown), Connecticut
Died in 1946 in an accident

Arthur E. Chatfield, Jr., Class of 1939
Hometown: New Haven, Connecticut

Eugene V. Chernoff, Class of 1945
Hometown: West Haven, Connecticut

John W. Clark, Class of 1946
Hometown: Branford, Connecticut

Harry G. Clinton, Class of 193?

Minor Cranston, Class of 1944

Maurice F. Daly, Class of 1923
Hometown: Hartford, Connecticut

Charles DeMaria, Class of 1945
Hometown: Westport, Connecticut

Sidney A. Edwards, Jr., Class of 1942
Hometown: Portland, Connecticut

James A. Ferguson, Class of 1939
Hometown: Deep River, Connecticut

Leon E. Forsyth, Class of 1942
Hometown: Waterford, Connecticut

Harold Freckleton, Class of 1936
Hometown: Glastonbury, Connecticut
Died in 1943 in an airplane accident

Vincent P. Gambino, Class of 1945
Hometown: Mansfield Center (Mansfield), Connecticut
Died September 8, 1944 in a plane crash off the coast of New Guinea. Gambino attended UConn from September 1941 until he left for Navy boot camp in July of 1942. He was an Aviation Radioman Second Class, in the U. S. Navy and was on the crew member of a patrol bomber (seaplane) that crashed when
taking off for a night combat air patrol.

Herbert Gilman, Class of 1942
Hometown: Manchester, Connecticut

Otto Goldstein, Class of 1940
East Norwalk (Norwalk), Connecticut
Died February 1943

Edward W. Goodnow, Class of 1940
Hometown: Hartford, Connecticut

Herman Gorky, Class of 1945
Tolland, Connecticut
Died in July, 1944

Edward J. Gourd, Class of 1943
Hometown: Hamden, Connecticut
Died in 1945 while on a reconaissance flight at the Panama Canal

William H. Greasley, Jr., Class of 1939
Hometown: West Hartford, Connecticut

Ralph L. Greco, Class of 1938
Hometown: Kensington, Connecticut

Kenneth Gregg, Class of 1945
Hometown: Hartford, Connecticut
Died December 28, 1943 in a plane accident

John Gulieta, Class of 1936

Michael Habern, Class of 1943
Hometown: Manchester, Connecticut

William C. Hall, Class of 1934
Hometown: South Manchester (Manchester), Connecticut

Gordon S. Hart, Class of 1942
Hometown: Wethersfield, Connecticut
Died in 1942 after his convoy ship was sunk in the Atlantic

Leon H. Height, Jr., Class of 1943
Hometown: Spring Lake, New Jersey

Henry Heldmann, Class of 1944
Hometown: Hartford, Connecticut

Roderick W. Hetzel

Edward Hittleman, Class of 1941
Hometown: Bristol, Connecticut

Hugh Hogan, Class of 1944
Hometown: Hamden, Connecticut

William M. Hollis, Class of 1945
Hometown: East Hartford, Connecticut

Robert W. Hyde, Class of 1943
Hometown: Hamden, Connecticut
Ensign Robert W. Hyde joined the crew of PT 337 (PT-103 class Motor Torpedo Boat) on March 5, 1944 as second officer. Early on March 7, 1944, PT 337 was idling in Hansa Bay, located on the north coast of Papua New Guinea, which served as a major Japanese naval base and transit station. Lured into a trap, the crew of the PT 337 came under heavy fire, wounding several and setting the boat on fire. Abandoning ship for the life raft, Hyde escaped with the others attempting to maneuver the raft out of the Bay and firing range. At dawn on the March 7, the raft had drifted and was less than a mile off the entrance to Hansa Bay. But during the morning the current carried it toward Manam Island, a volcanic island about six miles from the shore. Sometime in the evening of March 7, 1944, Ensign Robert Hyde and another set out to swim to shore. They were never heard from again.

Victor I. Kalander, Class of 1941
Hometown: Stamford, Connecticut

Myron Katz, Class of 1946
Hometown: New Britain, Connecticut

Francis J. Kelley, Class of 1946
Hometown: Waterbury, Connecticut

David M. Knell, Class of 1945
Hometown: Meriden, Connecticut

Walter P. Lathrop, Class of 1940
Hometown: Plainfield, Connecticut

Robert W. Lattimer, Class of 1946
Hometown: Norfolk, Connecticut

Sigurd, Lovdal, Class of 1937
Hometown: Southbury, Connecticut

John S. Lukoski, Class of 1939
Hometown: Norwich, Connecticut

Daniel J. Mahaney, Class of 1945
Waterbury, Connecticut
Died November 11, 1944

Alonzo S. Marcil, Class of 1943
Hometown: Baltic (Sprague), Connecticut

Joseph Matloff, Class of 1946
Hometown: New Haven, Connecticut

Clifford G. McCarthy, Class of 1938
Hometown: New Britain

Harold W. McIntosh, Jr., Class of 1946
Hometown: Hartford, Connecticut

John Melack, Class of 1942

Kenneth J. Mix, Class of 1944
Hometown: Suffield, Connecticut

Alan R. Morehouse, Class of 1937
Darien, Connecticut
Died June 6, 1944
during the D-Day invasion on the beaches of Normandy, France

Stanley B. Morrill, Class of 1938
Willimantic (Windham), Connecticut
Died March 29, 1944

Roger Olmstead
Hometown: East Hartford, Connecticut

Leonard W. Parker, Class of 1938

Matthew L. Perry, Class of 1946
New London, Connecticut
Died December 13, 1944

Charles A. Rosenblatt, Class of 1940
West Hartford, Connecticut
Died in November, 1944
of wounds received in action

Joseph Schwartz, Class of 1945
Hometown: Hartford, Connecticut

Austin P. Spencer, Class of 1940
Hometown: Barking Ridge, Rhode Island

James Standish, Class of 1934
Hometown: Wethersfield, Connecticut

Murray L. Steinman, Class of 1942
Hometown: Shelton, Connecticut

Thomas Sutliffe, Class of 1937
Hometown: Waterbury, Connecticut

John C. Taylor, Class of 1943
Hometown: Poquonock (Windsor), Connecticut

Robert T. Thayer, Class of 1940
Hometown: West Hartford, Connecticut

Vasco Tiziani, Class of 1943
Hometown: Stafford Springs (Stafford), Connecticut
Died December 28, 1944. Wounded after the squad he was leading came under attack near Kaundorf, Luxembourg. He is buried in Henri-Chapell U.S. Military Cemetary in Foy, Belgium, and he was awarded the Bronze Star posthumously.

Robert D. Triggs, Class of 1945
Hometown: Thompsonville (Enfield), Connecticut

James V. Viola, Class of 1945
Hometown: West Hartford, Connecticut

Irving R. Werner, Class of 1945
Hometown: Hartford, Connecticut

Roy A. West, Class of 1943
Hometown: Stamford, Connecticut

Godfrey Westcott, Class of 1933

John E. Winzler, Class of 1943
Hometown: Manchester, Connecticut
Died in March 1945 on Iwo Jima. "Wink", a graduate of Manchester High School, was an outstanding athlete at UConn and was Captain of the varsity basketball team in the 1941-1942 season. He was a letterman in both baseball and football. He was a First Lieutenant with the 5th Division, 28th Marines, which was responsible for the flag raising on Mt. Surabachi. Initially wounded shortly after the invasion, he returned to duty days later and was killed in action

Kenneth C. Wolston, Class of 1944
Hometown: Willimantic (Windham), Connecticut

John F. Zimmerman, Class of 1937
Hometown: Danbury, Connecticut

Richard Zorn, Class of 1944
Hometown: Stratford, Connecticut

George Zwicker, Class of 1945
Hometown: Hartford, Connecticut
Died in September, 1943

Paul Drotch, Class of 1957
Hometown: Trumbull, Connecticut
Died in a training exercise near Cuba

Edward Jeruss, Class of 1949
Hometown: New Haven, Connecticut
Died in 1957, shot down over the Russian border

John W. Alling, Class of 1950
Hometown: New Haven, Connecticut

James A Civillo, Class of 1946
Hometown: Manchester, Connecticut

Patrick DeVivo, Class of 1951
Hometown: Willimantic (Windham), Connecticut
Died in October 1952. DeVivo was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army from the ROTC program after graduation from UConn.

John Dunne, Class of 1942
Hometown: Hartford, Connecticut
Died June 5, 1950

George A Martain, Class of 1950

Milton E. Nichols, Class of 1951
Hometown: East Hampton, Connecticut
Died October 16, 1952

Robert Rich, Class of 1953/54

Peter B. Richardson, Class of 1951
Hometown: Woodstock, Connecticut

Luzon W. Richter, Jr., Class of 1953
Hometown: Willimantic (Windham), Connecticut
Died in October 1954

Paul Shapiro, Class of 1952
Hometown: New Hartford, Connecticut

Richard W. Spencer, Class of 1951
Hometown: East Haven, Connecticut
Died in 1955 in an accident in Korea

Paul M. Stavnitsky, Class of 1951
Hometown: Winsted, Connecticut
Died June 14, 1952

Clarence M. Stone, Class of 1947

Bernard S. Stromgren, Class of 1950
Hometown: Simsbury, Connecticut
Died in 1951 in France

Robert W. Wegner, Class of 1950
Hometown: West Hartford, Connecticut
Died in 1951

David C. Wilson, Class of 1946
Hometown: Farmington, Connecticut

John C. Zweygartt, Class of 1949
Hometown: West Hartford, Connecticut
Died in 1951 in Ireland

Richard H. Chapin
Hometown: Ridgefield, Connecticut
Died in the 1960s while on died on active duty in the Air Force

Brian J. Cronin, Class of 1961
Hometown: West Hartford, Connecticut
Died in the early 1960s after his plane was shot down during a reconnaisance flight over Russa

Roger M. DeLuca, Class of 1961
Hometown: East Norwalk (Norwalk), Connecticut

Robert G. Dodson, Class of 1966
Hometown: Bloomfield, New Jersey

Robert K. Dwyer, Class of 1965
Hometown: Stamford, Connecticut
Died July 15, 1967 when the helicopter he had volunteered to be on was shot down by hostile fire. A member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon at UConn, he had an ROTC scholarship and after entering the Army he completed flight training. He was a Huey helicopter pilot with the First Cavalry in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

Joseph D. Francolini, Class of 1964
Hometown: Ansonia, Connecticut

Joseph P. Holland, Class of 1964
Hometown: Naugatuck, Connecticut
Died January 31, 1968. UCONN ROTC graduate 1965/66 or so. Served with the 101st Airbourne Div. Was a CPT and company commander when he was killed by a grenade in early FEB 1969 during the TET offensive, Vietnam. His company parachuted into enemy action. Only 2 or 3 members of the company survived the engagement.

Irwin S. Lerner, Class of 1964
Hometown: Stratford, Connecticut
Died December 20, 1972 after the B-52 on which he served as navigator was lost after being shot down in Thailand. His remains were recovered and identified in 2003 and he was buried at Arlington National Cemetery January 17, 2004.

James Warren Levens, Class of 1954
Hometown: East Hartford, Connecticut
Died in 1959

Robert L. Lewis, Class of 1958
Hometown: Manchester, Connecticut
Died in 1960 in a tanker crash

Normand Manning, Class of 1965
Hometown: Haddam, Connecticut

John V. Morascini
Hometown: Willimantic (Windham), Connecticut
Died July 14, 1969 in Vietnam. He played football at UConn as a freshman in the early 1960s. He interrupted his education by volunteering for the Peace Corp and spent two years in Gabon building schools. He then returned to his studies at UConn. At graduation, he was offered a commission, which he refused, and he entered the Army as an enlisted man. After completion of basic training he was promoted to sergeant (E6) and he arrived in Vietnam of June 4, 1969.

Peter G. Moriarty, Class of 1963
Hometown: Hartford, Connecticut
Died March 23, 1971 in Laos

Michael J. Noonan, Jr., Class of 1959
Hometown: Hartford, Connecticut
Died in 1960 in the crash of a trainer in Alabama

Pierce I. Robertson, Class of 1958
Hometown: Hamden, Connecticut

Robert Rohinsky, Class of 1959
Hometown: New Haven, Connecticut
Died in 1961 in a bomber crash in Kansas

Philipp R. Vollhardt, Class of 1969
Hometown: Redding, Connecticut
Died February 2, 1971 in Hua Nghia, South Vietnam. Vollhardt was a member of Theta Sigma Chi at UConn and served in the ROTC program. After graduation, he was assigned to the infantry, trained with the 82nd Airborne Division and was sent to Vietnam. The small unit he commanded was ambushed while on convoy and he and a sergeant were killed by a rocket.

Glenn W. Whitcher, Class of 1961
Hometown: Stratford, Connecticut

Cindy Beaudoin, Class of 1995
Hometown: Plainfield, Connecticut
Died February 28, 1991

Richard S. Eaton, Jr.
Hometown: Guilford, Connecticut
Died August 12, 2003 from heat stress and exercise-induced rhabdomyolysis after a 24-hr. firefight in Hit, Iraq. Posthumously awarded two Bronze Stars and the Thomas Knowlton Award by the Military Intelligence Corps Association. 18-yr. veteran counterintelligence special agent.

Jason Hammill, Class of 1998
Hometown: Salem, Connecticut
Died November 26, 2006 when a bomb exploded near his vehicle in Baghdad, Iraq. He was a member of the U.S. Army 3rd Battalion, 67th Armor Regiment, 4th Brigade, 4th Infantry Division from Fort Hood, Texas. Deployed to Iraq in December 2005, he was about to complete his one-year tour before returning home. He previously had served in Kosovo and Afghanistan. He was buried with military honors at Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery.

Keith Heidtman
Hometown: Norwich, Connecticut
Died May 28, 2007 when the helicopter in which he was flying was shot down in the Diyala province northeast of Baghdad in Iraq.He was a member of the Second Squadron, Sixth Cavalry Regiment, 25th Combat Aviation Brigade, 25th Infantry Division, based at the Schofield Barracks in Hawaii. He was deployed to Iraq in December 2006. He was buried with full military honors and posthumously honored with a Bronze Star and Purple Heart that were presented to his parents.

Jordan C. Pierson, Class of 2007
Hometown: Milford, Connecticut
Died Aug. 25, 2006 while on foot patrol in Iraq. He left UConn for active military duty in Oct. 2005. Hhe was a member of Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment, 4th Marine Div. in Plainville, Conn. He began his studies at Avery Point in 2003 and arrived at the main campus in 2004. Previously, he was awarded the Purple Heart after being wounded by shrapnel from an insurgent grenade last May. He was buried with military honors Sept. 6 at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va.

John A. Chapman
Died March 4, 2002 John only attended UCONN in 1983 for one semester and was on the swim team as a diver. He joined the Air Force in Sept 1985. He eventually became a combat controller in special operations and was killed in Afghanistan March 4, 2002. You can do an internet search on his name to verify the particulars of his death and subsequent honors.