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CLAS alumni included in note

Taber Small ’02 (CLAS)

Taber Small ’02 (CLAS) recently accepted the position of VP, Business Banking Relationship Manager at PNC Bank in Baltimore, Md.

Jasmine Alcantara ’95 (CLAS), ’99 MBA

Jasmine Alcantara ’95 (CLAS), ’99 MBA, owner of JLA Group, will be awarded the 2017 U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce Innovation & Performance Award at the National Small Business Federal Contracting Summit in Washington, D.C. on March 30, 2017. This prestigious award recognizes women-owned small business owners who exhibit outstanding innovation and/or performance on a key contract that will significantly bolster their ability to secure future opportunities. She has also been selected to present at the Southern New England Conference-Project Management Institute 12th Annual Conference at the Connecticut Convention Center on April 24, 2017.

Shawn Mangar ’04 (CLAS)

Shawn Mangar ’04 (CLAS) , former special education teacher, founded the award-winning Baychester Middle School in the Bronx, his hometown, in New York City, N.Y. Baychester Middle was featured in a number of television shows, teaching magazines, and other publications for its success for both students and teachers.

Erin Sherman Pezqueda ’91 (CLAS), ’16 6th Year

Erin Sherman Pezqueda ’91 (CLAS) recently received her Administrator Preparation Program diploma from UConn.

Heather Sherman Somers ’88 (CLAS)

Heather Sherman Somers ’88 (CLAS) was elected the Connecticut State Senate in November 2016.

Paul W. Catanese ’83 (CLAS)

Donny’s Inferno: Down in Flames, book 2 in a series by Paul W. Catanese ’83 (CLAS) that takes readers on a thrilling and witty adventure in the underworld, was published in April 2017 by Simon and Schuster. At the same time, book 1 of Donny’s Inferno was released in paperback form, as well as two of Catanese’s previous novels, The Thief and the Beanstalk and The Mirror’s Tale, both in hardcover and paperback. As a UConn student, Paul wrote a cartoon strip entitled Bedlam Hall for the Daily Campus. He and his wife, Lisa Stenza Catanese ’83 (CLAS), are residents of Columbia, Conn.

Arthur Horwitz ’76 (CLAS)

Arthur Horwitz ’76 (CLAS) was elected in February as board chair of Detroit Public Television, the 10th largest PBS affiliate. He recently concluded a four-year term as commissioner and chair of the non-partisan Michigan Civil Rights Commission, which in 2016 received more than 2,000 claims of housing, employment, and public accommodation discrimination and completed an extensive investigation into alleged civil rights violations centered on the Flint water crisis. He is president of Renaissance Media. His wife, Gina Wesler Horwitz ’78 (CLAS), is a senior major gift officer for Wayne State University in Detroit.

Clifford A. Lange ’79 (CLAS)

Clifford A. Lange ’79 (CLAS), was recently promoted to Executive Vice President-Chief Financial Officer and Chief Actuary of Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company in Canton, Mass.
Cliff and his wife Cindy ’87 (CLAS) moved to Mattapoisett, Mass in 2016, now that their three daughters have grown up and “left the nest”. In 2016 Cliff completed 120.7 miles in a 3 Day Footrace called “Across the Years” in Glendale, Ariz. In 2015 he completed 61.1 miles in a 24 Hour footrace called “24 Hours Around the Lake” in Wakefield, Mass.

John Harrington ‘66 (CLAS)

John Harrington ‘66 (CLAS) published a novel, The Year of the Lieutenant. He originally wrote it in the mid-1970’s, but rewrote some of it recent years and published in the Summer of 2016. It is the story of United States Air Force personnel serving in Thailand during the time of the Vietnam War. It is available through Archway Books and