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note includes graduate from the 1960s

Joan (Vol Janin) Destino ’66 (ED)

Joan (Vol Janin) Destino ’66 (ED) recently published a novel about Las Vegas in the 90’s with a back story about post World War II Germany entitled RIVER CARD, available on Amazon. She and her husband David Destino ’66 (BUS), a retired partner of the Baker Hostetler law firm, live in Las Vegas.

Dr. Robert Nicoletti ’66 MA, ’68 6th Year

Dr. Robert Nicoletti ’66 MA, ’68 6th Year reports that his book, Parenthood a Life Sentence? A Journey from Womb to Tomb, was released by Outskirts Press. Dr. Nicoletti is a retired Connecticut Superintendent of Schools and is currently on the faculty in the Graduate School of Education at Quinnipiac University.

Carol Milardo Floriani ’68 (NUR)

Carol Milardo Floriani ’68 (NUR) is currently “retired” in Easley, S.C. but continues to work as a hospice nurse visiting patients in their homes upstate. Previously she was a nursing educator and a manager of hospices and home health services in California. She is ever grateful to Dean Widmer and Jo Henderson for her great UConn education.

Sherrie Stratton Willows ’63 (NUR)

Sherrie Stratton Willows ’63 (NUR), of Manchester, Wash., passed away Sunday, July 31, 2016, surrounded by her loving family. Sherrie began her professional career as a registered Nurse and worked in hospitals and clinics before opening her massage business “The Healing Touch” in Friday Harbor in 1974. She is remembered fondly as an adventurer, a lover of music and theatre, and a mentor. She is survived by her three children, three siblings, and many beloved nieces, nephews, cousins and friends.

John Harrington ‘66 (CLAS)

John Harrington ‘66 (CLAS) published a novel, The Year of the Lieutenant. He originally wrote it in the mid-1970’s, but rewrote some of it recent years and published in the Summer of 2016. It is the story of United States Air Force personnel serving in Thailand during the time of the Vietnam War. It is available through Archway Books and

John Strom ’65 (CLAS) ’76 MA

John Strom ’65 (CLAS) ’76 MA published a new book titled “Maximizing Your ROPI© – Return on Your People Investment.” The book is based on Strom’s 30+ years of management training, coaching and consulting, primarily in the automobile business.

Richard Pirozzolo ’67 (SFA)

Richard Pirozzolo ’67 (SFA) is the coauthor of his debut novel “Escape from Saigon” (Skyhorse Publishing, New York). The novel will be available for early release on December 16, 2016 on Amazon.

Nelson Wikstrom ’65 MA, ’69 Ph.D

Nelson Wikstrom ’65 MA, ’69 Ph.D was recently designated Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Virginia Commonwealth University, where he taught for 45 years. He is the author or co-author of five books and a score of referred journal articles focusing on local politics and intergovernmental relations.